Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A view from above...

Changing is hard. Realizing things about yourself and your family is sobering. Facing the reason why you are the way that you are is difficult.
I have been exploring myself and my emotions alot, having new experinces and working in high buldings.
Check out some of what I have captured in the last two weeks.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Back in LA LA land

It is amazing when you rejoin your life after vacation how you realize that your life is hectic....
I am back here in LA tearing it up...
It is amazing trying to do it all.
I know I have been a slacker about keeping up the blog.. I will make time for the blog; I will make time for my blog...
It has just been hard for me to make time for myself since I have gotten back.
It is hard acclimating to so many responsibilities.. taxes, job, cooking, seeing friends, squeezing in exercise..
Working three days was hard after not working for three.. but that is just cause I have been spoiled.
I have been seeing a lot of shows, which has been really inspiring.
Rach and I went to see Goldfrapp last Sat night. The show was amazing and I couldn't have asked for more. Last Monday, I went to go see a new band called bittersweet with my friend Ali, (I am posting a pict of them), they are zero seven-ish, I recommend them.
We saw Rach's friend Jackie Tohn @ the mint. She was great a mix of comedy and stories.
The sky and the weather were so moody yesterday.. just like me. I got some great picts of downtown and the beautiful view from the Getty.
Last night we saw The books, Rach, Christina, Carmen, Kirsten, Krista and Rob. It was at the Getty. They were amazing; I was so inspired they had rad videos. It made me want to make them again.
I will find time to make art. It is so hard to juggle it all. I am sure you all understand.
Well I have an announcement... I got a new job. I will officially be fulltime employed. Splitting time between two jobs. Still working at the prop house. I found another scary dummy to take a pict of...
The new place is down town in the US Bank building... I'll take picts the first day I go which is tues. It is at a place called Rosas entertainment. They promote Latin bands. I'll write more about it on tues.. once I have been there. Thinking of you all.