Wednesday, April 26, 2006

DJ me, Dj U

As I said in my last post I would be wrting again today. See I am not a liar. It is crazy how fast life goes by. It is hard to fit it all in. I have been shooting alot, so that is good. Rach's dad gave us some expired film so I have been experimenting with that film with the holga. That is what film I used for my last post.
I shot two pin-ups in the last 5 days. A tatoo artist pin-up and a DJ. Rach was so kind to be the girl getting the tatoo in the photo. And Carmen was so wonderful to be my photo assistant on the DJ pin up. a Special Thanks to them both! Check out the corset that I embelished with records on it, another special thanks to Mike Griffee for helping me cut them out!
Look how hot Miss Celina is!
I am so happy that I am shooting again. Can't wait to see the film from both shoots :) I have a few more ideas lined up so I'll keep you guys posted. I am off to work now. I'll write again soon.

P.S. The bra pict is from the laundry line outside. I live next to a belly dancer now. I girl's got to wash her bras ;)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Ok sorry I have been slacking... but not really.. I have just been crazy busy, running around like a chicken with my head off. Shot two new pin-ups this weekend! Got a tatoo. Been working way too much and still trying to squeeze in some fun.. I post more tomorrow!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Getting up on a soap box...

Okay so I know I am posting two blog in one day.. so shoot me. I have time and I want to shar this picts. But seriously kids. I went to the three year anniversry protest for the Iraq war on the 18th of March. I can not believe that we have been there that long. To bad we have a F***ed up government. Check out the angst in action...

Learning to Love LA...

So it has been a month since I have been back from Thailand. I am actually learning to appreciate LA. I got a new job and I am in love with Rachel, so it looks like LA has sunk her talons into me again...I seem to continuously try to leave but she brings me back to her bosom and makes me feel at home. It seems that I won't be able to escape her till I decide to leave the country.

I have been doing a lot of activities in LA which has made me appreciate her. And I have been shooting picts every week. So at least I find her inspiring now. I call myself a photographer, now I am actually living up to the title.
I went to the Natural History Museum last weekend with Heather, Felippo, and Rach. We saw the sonic scenery exhibit. Which was rad. Ten musical artist made compositions for each of the rooms of the first floor of the museum. It was really inspiring and I loved shooting the dinosaurs bones and the animal dioramas.

Last Sunday was the 1st Annual LA treasure hunt. Caroline formed a team of myself, Carmen, and Brad Goldhorn and we set off on our bikes to find treasure and help raise money and supplies for the Union Rescue Mission. It was a blast. 30 miles of hills and great things to take picts of. I need to go back and shoot more of what I saw. My team mates yelled at me for stopping to take picts too much... enjoy the picts that I captured on the way.
I got up early last sunday and shot some picts of my hood. I have been seeing this retired uhaul truck that is owned by someone that has decorated it's grill with toys. I finally took a pict of it...

Enjoying life and keeping busy and inspired..