Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Valley Compound Tennis League

My friend Dana had her 30th birthday party in style... country club themed. And her band the Sharp Ease played. Good times eventhough she lives in the valley and her A/C was broken. It was all made worth in by the good tunes and the kiddie pools in the backyard. More pict to come from my holga...

Monday, July 24, 2006

In the dead of the Summer

It has been dumbfoundingly hot lately. What is this about Global warming not being true...hmmm...Christina was nice enough to have a pool party so we could stay cool. When Rach and I left we had a hankering for a burger. These palm tree shots were captured on the way to All American burger which was unexplainably closed. We opted for Astro burger.. I recommend their Bacon, Cheese Avocado Burger..yum.


Picture this...I have been veraciously editing a video for Neutrogena for two and half days. It is a sweltering 95 outside and probably 100 degrees in my un-airconditioned apartment. I am totally over editing, but I am powering through. All I want to be done and all of the sudden I hear a high pitched chirp of despair. I look and Flash, that pesky little cat, has caught another animal and decided to spill its blood in the house. I am not about to have this, so I take the animal away. It is a finch looking bird. It is beat. The cat has put it though the ringer. It is missing feathers it is bleeding, it can barely open its eyes and it seems to have a jacked up foot. I cleaned it's wounds with hydrogen peroxide, put it in a towel. I called Rachel and she told me to give it water with an eyedropper. So I fed it some water and left it alone. It seemed to be getting better so I brought it outside onto the porch since I thought that it sitting on a scanner might not be the best place for it. It needed to see the sky to stop being so anxious. It a few hours the bird was chirping away. And then when Griffee when to have a look at him he flew away. That was my good dead for the day.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Shooting in the golden hour..

More Carnival

Here are a couple more from my "real" camera. Enjoy!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Wanna go to the carnival.. but it cost $15 now..

Rach and I walked to the Police carnival yesterday. To shoot some picts and maybe ride some rides.. the people watching was fun. But some of the rides looked a little rickey to get on.. so I decided to pass. More picts to come when I get my film back...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Under the needle again

Well kids I finished my tat yesterday. It is looking pretty sweet. Briza did a great job. She is very talented. While in pain I managed to laugh with thanks to the peanut t gallery @ American Electric Tatoo and my friend Moxie. I wouldn't have made it. Thanks for the laughs and the pain. I am proud to wear the piece that I got. It just is on fire right now. But I am sure it will heal up real nice :) And all the pain will be forgotten. Till I get the next one...

Sunday afternoon @ LACMA

What a lovely sunday. Bike riding, collage making, art viewing, and picture taking. What more could a girl ask for? Rachel thank you for such a nice Sunday. I am so happy I spent it with you.

Happy Birthday Rachel

Fun times were had @ noshi sushi... yum sushi. Ringing in her birthday right. With friends, family, raw fish and a red velvet cake....