Friday, August 25, 2006

Beauty in the decay..

This picts are from Carmen's Birthday, a bit delayed. But never late than never. Thanks to Carmen for having a fun filled birthday of a cool party in the woods :)

A have been a busy bee

So here is my blantant act of self promotion... here is what I have beenn working on since I became a freelancer (think it has been about a month and a half). I also just finished a site for the artist David Thomas check it out here. I hope that you all will enjoy!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Downtown @ night

Mom, Rachel and I went to a show that my friend Lysa had some work in downtown. We went @ 9:30 and no one was there... so we enjoyed the show and left the scene. Here are some picts I took of the neighboorhood...

Saturday, August 19, 2006

In the middle of the night...

The girls went out on a night shoot the other night. Thanks to Sara, Lucy and Rach for the laughs the long exposures and ignoring creepy guys..

Friday, August 18, 2006

More of Modmouth Days..

Modmouth Days

I time was to be had at the modmouth house last weekend. Happy Birthday to Chris!I brought my holga and my flash and went to town on sooting party picts. Some of the drunk folks were not so stoked about the flash. But I still managed to get some good ones :) ENJOY!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

A walk near LACMA

Okay so this is the last for my entries today. I promise to be better about updating my more three weeks of no updates...

I see you...

A couple of things I saw while on a bike ride...

Taking to the streets..

I am not sure what it is about graffiti, posters, stickers and street art that draws me to it. Maybe it is the gritty, in the middle of the night application of it... The danger of getting caught and the fumes of spray paint and the wheat paste.
I took these photos after Yoga about a week a go enjoy...

A Blank Canvas

I have been so busy and not making my blog a priority. I have been going through a grouchy phase. Thinking that all my work is boring an no good. Well I have snapped out of it. Regaining steam and inspiration to shoot again. :)
So here is a picture to explain how my mind has been feeling.

I just finished a new site for the artist Kate Savage you can visit it here. I forgot how much time it takes to run your own business. I am thankful that I am getting to work for myself and having flexibility in my schudule. I have been doing lots of yoga, hiking a biking. Exercising saves me... love it.