Saturday, November 18, 2006

CrossVentures Art Show Don't miss it!!!

Two weeks from today an excellent group show with cross processed holgas is happening. The show is up for only one week.. so you should just come to the opening! Run to the show and support your friends and local artists that is all for now... :-*

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Gay Motel Hollywood and La Brea

Flash is Tough..

Sunday afternoon @ the Getty with Jaz and Rachel

Rach, Jasmin and I were wanting to go see four of the photographers speak about the exhibition "Where we Live and Photographs of America from the Bergman Collection" last sunday @ 3. Except the busies made us all late and the we forgot that it was Sunday and everyone goes to the Getty on Sunday. So we missed the talk. But had a good time taking picts and looking at the two photo exhibits that are there now and the Futurist exhibit. Thanks girls for the fun!

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Hiking @ Runyon Canyon

Rach and I went hiking on Sunday Morning. We saw this girl in a hot pink dress hiking and holdinga tennis racket. I ased to take her picture. She said it is laundry day and I had nothing else to wear!
I have been smoking too many cigs and I really felt the hike and had to take a couple of breaks. (I say this with shame) I got to get on quitting.. it is going to happen. I have been promising myself and all theose that wish I would stop... Enjoy the picts!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Neighboodhood Holgas

I shot some holgas of rollerskating a couple of weeks ago but it seems that my holga is on it's last legs. All the images from rollerskting were way over exposed. Which can mean only one thing... the spring in it has finally given. It has traveled with me to two different countries and has been a great little camera, but it seems that it must be retired . So sad :( Well I have a new woca ( the version of the holga with the glass lens) so it is time to break it out of the box and tap it up to make it work. So enjoy the last picts from my trusty holga...
Also once lat announcement. Dn't make any plans on Dec 2nd. Carmen, Rach , Jasmin, Sarah and I will be having a cross processed holga show @ submerged art gallery in Hollywood. More info and flyers to come!!!!

Another present...

I was getting ready for my wednesday class when I looked down next to my garge and saw a present that Flash left for me. I screamed in fear when I saw the poor thing cause I though that it was alive. But it seems the large rat was dead. I am wondering how my cat killed this rat cause it is about 1/4 the size of my cat. The mysteries of life... I can't wait to see what she will bring me next.

walk through culver city

I have started teaching 4-5 grade @ Lindwoode Howe this week in Culver City afterwards, I took a walk and visited the farmers market. Enjoy!