Thursday, December 21, 2006

Holgas from Hollywood Park

Punk Bunny Holgas

Culver City Graff

Robots in Techachappi

Another pict from the lost roll of Film.. taken after apple picking at the gas station.

The Lost Roll of Film, Apple Picking With Carm and Christina

After two months of thinking that this roll of film was lost I found it in my 35mm camera bag. Not sure why I put it in there but I am thankful that I found it! Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Wendy's Birthday @ Hollywood Park

What a great way to celebrate your birthday, drinking, gambling and watching horses run. I wagered on the ponies in the 4th race. But I was unsucessful, I quit while I was ahead. Had a great time shooting picts and watching all the characters at the track. The last time I went to the races I was 9 and it was with my grandfather. He loved betting on the ponies. He was in my thoughts, since he is not longer with us.
I miss is smile and crochty ways. He was an oil man. I hope he is Resting in Peace.
I had a wonderful time eating cupcales with Wendy and Rach.
Then Rach and I drove around Ingelwood and took picts.
What a great day. The weather was perfect the sky was clear with puffy clouds.

Punk Bunny @ the Stone

Went to see my friend Jazmin perform with her band on Saturday Night. It was a blast. Unfortunately they only played 4 songs. But I loved every second. I used my new Canon Digital Rebel. I have now learned that I need an off mount flash to shoot rapidly (always a learning curve). I had a great time. More Holga picts to come...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Happy Chaunnuka!!!

Went over to Rach's parents last night to celebrate the first night of Chaunnuka. Good eats, candle lighting, presents, pie eating and beatles watching, a perfect evening.

Friday, December 15, 2006

A Sunday Afternoon with Harold

My friend Allison asked me to take care of her puppy last Sunday. I had never met Harold her four month old Westie Terrier. He was cute as a button and adorable. We had a great time, playing walking and hanging out. Thanks Allison for letting me enjoy you cute little one.

An Evening with Miss Rach

On the evening of the 5th Rach and I decided to have a spontaneous evening of picture taking, walks, asian food and seeing the movie The Illusionist. What a wonderful night. Thanks Rach for a lovely time. I love you.

Ropa y Calzado

Friday, December 08, 2006

If you missed the show last week join us this Sat

Hey All,
If you weren't able to make it to the show last week. Please come join us for the closing. It will be occuring from 6-11 this Saturday the 9th. I hope to see you there!!!

Royal Cheapskate

Well if you don't know for the last 2 months I have been slaving away at creating the new website for Royal Cheapskate and I am proud to say that it is done!!! Please go check it out and who knows maybe you will find something on your holiday shopping list there :)

On Jefferson...

I drive down jefferson two times a week and it is so industial. It intrigues me...I shot more picts that this, but I have been having a battle with my Woca we haven't made nice yet. I have been plaugued with batteries falling out in the middle of a roll of film, the tape not keeping the connection with the batteries so it will not turn on and then the tape for the batteries moving an creating wierd vingettes on my film. I miss my old holga. I think that might have to fire my Woca and get a new holga. We shall see...will keep you posted!

I love it after it rains in LA...

The sky was georgeous. I was on my way home my holga was loaded and ready here is what we came up with...

Monday, December 04, 2006

Sunday Sherbert

CrossVentures Art Show Opening

Thank you so much for all coming to the opening. It was a great sucess and lots of fun. If you didn't make it you can come to the closing it will be next Sat the 9th
7-11 again. Enjoy the picts :D


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Flash Strikes again...

Here is the present that Flash left on my doorstep on Saturday...

Chones Cadillac

Always interesting what you find in the street...

Sunday @ the Farmers Market

Rach, Lucy, Cheryl and I went for a Saturday morning hike @ Runyon Canyon and then went to the Hollywood Farmers market. Had so delicious food and bought some yummy veggies and and fruit. Thanks ladies for the great time :)Enjoy the picts!